Les fibres prébiotiques présentes dans de nombreux aliments soutiennent le développement des probiotiques

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Dosage optimale des probiotiques avec lyoproform

Probiotics: 5 essential tips for using them properly!

Probiotics, living micro-organisms that are beneficial to our digestive health, among other things, are becoming increasingly popular. However, in order to make the most of these ‘good’ bacteria, it is essential to know how to take them effectively. In this article, we’ll explore the five essential points for optimal use of probiotics. 1. Take probiotics…

What role does our intestinal microbiota play?

Considered to be an organ in its own right, our intestinal microbiota, with its rich and diverse composition of microorganisms, has many functions. Taken as a whole, this ‘organ’ has an extremely varied genetic and, consequently, protein arsenal. It has a number of tools that contribute to the proper functioning of our body and whose…

Probiotiques naturels Lyoproform et flore intestinale

How do probiotics boost the immune system?

Our intestinal flora, the first line of defence for our natural defences. Every day, research into the human microbiota and probiotics reveals new areas in which our microbial flora plays an essential role. Its many interactions with a number of fundamental mechanisms in our body open up countless possibilities in terms of health, particularly for…