The FLORYTEC® ingredient, the fruit of demanding expertise.


With almost 60 years of research and development and the filing of patents by Mr Joseph-Louis LEGARDA, the company’s founding father, the field of probiotics is a well-known speciality for the SORBIAL laboratory. Through its years of experience in growing micro-organisms, the SORBIAL laboratory has developed a manufacturing process based on the concept of bacterial symbiosis. This patented co-culture method, which is particularly well-suited to probiotic-based food supplements, has given rise to the FLORYTEC® ingredient.

Why is the concept of bacterial symbiosis important in the field of probiotic food supplements?

Probiotic food supplements made up of several micro-organisms are used to combine bacterial strains grown independently of each other by simply assembling them. This means combining them at the very end of the manufacturing process. While this method ensures high production yields, it does not necessarily contribute to the development of active metabolites produced thanks to the symbiotic presence of crops of interest. Motivated by these observations, the SORBIAL laboratory has taken this co-culture concept further by developing its Florytec® ingredient. Since Joseph-Louis LEGARDA’s early work, which focused on the concept of bacterial symbiosis, we have developed an alternative cultivation process using a natural approach in parallel with our research partnership with INRAe.

Culture probiotique innovante dans le domaine des compléments alimentaires


Our carefully selected strains of micro-organisms are grown together in synergy, in the presence of natural ingredients favourable to their development and, as everyone knows, French milk. This co-culture using a unique manufacturing process has given rise to the Florytec® ingredient, an innovative formulation naturally combining our strains of interest and their metabolites in a unique fermented milk complex.

Why include the FLORYTEC® ingredient in our food supplements instead of simply assembling industrial probiotic strains?

By creating a synergy during the cultivation of our strains, we encourage the production of a range of unique active ingredients by our lactic bacteria, known as metabolites. It is this combination that makes FLORYTEC® incomparable to other probiotic food supplements.

probiotiques naturels Lyoproform, lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus plantarum et lactobacillus salivarius CNCM I-4866