Joseph-Louis Legarda - ©Sorbial Sarl

Our history

A family adventure

In the 1960s, research work initiated by Joseph-Louis LEGARDA, a researcher in applied microbiology and an expert in zootechnics, led to the isolation and identification of the first strains of Lactobacillus. The significant results of his work on the concept of bacterial symbiosis led Mr Joseph-Louis to register French and European patents. The fruits of his early research prompted his children to set up Sorbial as a laboratory and manufacturing unit specialising in animal nutrition and health.

The Sorbial laboratory

Probiotic expertise

In the 2000s, under the technical and commercial management of Mr Joseph-Louis LEGARDA’s children, a new dynamic was breathed into the company, and applications in the field saw the light of day, enabling the company to reach new horizons. Drawing on its probiotic expertise, Sorbial has for many years manufactured products on its own behalf as well as on behalf of world-renowned companies in the functional ingredients sector.

Today, the company has chosen to focus on applications in human nutrition in order to capitalise on its expertise.

Laboratoire français spécialisé dans la culture de probiotiques naturels, nous avons décidé de proposer notre gamme de compléments alimentaires probiotiques Lyoproform.

SORBIAL is a French laboratory based in Allonnes in the Sarthe region near Le Mans.

Different probiotics

A natural and innovative approach

Through its years of experience in the cultivation of micro-organisms, the SORBIAL laboratory has developed a manufacturing process based on the concept of bacterial symbiosis. This patented process has given rise to the FLORYTEC® ingredient. Our bacteria are cultivated together in a natural environment, milk, which is conducive to their development.

Our goal at Sorbial,

Offering you an innovative solution for your well-being!

The important role played by the intestinal microbiota in human health is now fully recognised. Whether for the benefit of digestive well-being, immunity, appetite regulation or stress and anxiety management.

For decades, the Sorbial laboratory has been exploiting and developing the probiotic potential of this microbiota, whether by conducting scientific studies, developing innovative culture techniques or by passing on its expertise to other companies as a subcontractor.

From now on, with LYOPROFORM®, we want to share our expertise with you to improve your well-being.

Our experts work to create the food supplements best suited to your needs.